How can I record and broadcast "Let's Play" gaming videos?

Episode 1252 (42:45)

Jeremy from Studio City, CA
Razer Stargazer

Jeremy plays Minecraft and several other video games and he wants to record his gameplay and broadcast it online. Leo says that if he's gaming with a PC, then Razer's Stargazer camera is ideal because it will make him look like he's actually in the game as he does commentary. For software, FRAPS is what he'll want. Some games have it built-in. He can check out this Wikia page on how to get started.

Leo says that he shouldn't be doing this expecting to be the next PewDiePie. YouTube is a feudal system where the only people that are making the money is Google and YouTube. Sure, there's some YouTube stars that make a great living from great content. But they got into the game early when there were few doing what they do. Now there's thousands of users trying to be the next big thing. Leo says the best reason to do this is because it's fun, and he should do it because he enjoys it.