How can I create my own version of Jarvis for home automation?

Episode 1252 (1:59:10)

Greg from Long Beach, CA

Greg just bought a house and he's in the process of remodeling it. He wants to create a home version of Jarvis. Leo says that home automation is a geeky thing and he was hoping that Apple would make it easy with their Home Kit. That would be the best way to do it. It's the Internet of things, and his Hub would be his iPhone. He could have an iPad built into a wall, but technology changes so fast, it may be better to hang it -- not embed it. But he can have smart window shades, a Nest smart thermostat, iDevices, water sensors, and an internet enabled deadbolt lock. All these can be used with a phone. It's a pity though that Apple didn't make the Apple TV the central hub. That would've made sense.

How about home theater speakers? Leo says that JBL makes good speakers, but he'll want to hear them before he buys them. He'll also want a whole home surge protector to guard against power spikes all over the home. It'll be much better and cheaper than surge protectors everywhere. He should have an electrician do it.