How can I back up my images from my iPhone?

Episode 1252 (1:27:17)

Lisa from Cypress, CA
Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Lisa has a few hundred pictures on her iPhone. What can she do to prevent running out of space? Leo says that chances are, she has plenty of room right now. But what if she loses her phone? That's why Apple has iCloud. Lisa can turn on and enable iCloud and it will backup the images via Wi-Fi. She'll only get 5GB of storage for free, but an additional 50 GB is only about $20 a year.

Another option is to upload her photos to Google Photos. This includes unlimited free storage of high quality photos. It does the same thing with its app. Flickr would give her up to 1TB for free. And if she's an Office 365 subscriber, Microsoft provides free OneDrive storage.

But Lisa should also back up the images to her computer via iTunes, or Apple Photos.