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Watch David from Bimington, NY Comments

David bought a used Mac Mini and he is trying to set up his Apple Mailbox. It's not moving the messages over fast enough, though. Leo says that David is trying to store hundreds of thousands of messages and that just takes time to download them. Why do that when he can keep them in the cloud? Also, the new Apple Mail has to reindex the mail and that takes time. This is why Leo is against this proprietary mail format. He prefers open source options like Thunderbird or with GMail.

Leo says it may be time to force a reindex by holding down the Option Key when launching Apple Mail, which will rebuild the index. It could also be in the menus. He could try deleting the index files themselves, but he should be careful not to delete his emails. This article from ComputerWorld explains how.

Watch John from Biddeford, ME Comments

John got a laptop with WIndows 8 Pro that he got for free through college. He wants to upgrade to Windows 10, but he hasn't gotten the invite. Leo says this is because he has a version that can't be upgraded to Windows 8.1. Leo recommends running the compatibility checker. If he passes that, then he can download the Windows 10 ISO and install it directly without an invitation. But he should make sure that he's compatible first. John should also run the updates until he's completely up to date.

The Chatroom says that if he can go to Windows 8.1, he'll want to do that first. Even if he doesn't upgrade to WIndows 10.

Watch Kenny from Temple, TX Comments

Kenny wants to know how he can export his Google Maps searches. Leo says he can go to to see all of the data that Google has collected on him. He can then export the Maps data, along with any other data he wants, at He should make sure to export it as a KML file for his GPS location history. He can also export his saved places, but he'll have to convert that, since Google puts it in a GeoJSON format.

Watch Jeremy from Studio City, CA Comments

Jeremy plays Minecraft and several other video games and he wants to record his gameplay and broadcast it online. Leo says that if he's gaming with a PC, then Razer's Stargazer camera is ideal because it will make him look like he's actually in the game as he does commentary. For software, FRAPS is what he'll want. Some games have it built-in. He can check out this Wikia page on how to get started.

Leo says that he shouldn't be doing this expecting to be the next PewDiePie. YouTube is a feudal system where the only people that are making the money is Google and YouTube. Sure, there's some YouTube stars that make a great living from great content. But they got into the game early when there were few doing what they do. Now there's thousands of users trying to be the next big thing. Leo says the best reason to do this is because it's fun, and he should do it because he enjoys it.

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Watch Larry from Ashland, OH Comments

Larry visited the Brickhouse to see Leo's operation and got motivated to up their podcast game. They've boosted their lights and added a switcher. They got Blackmagic 4K cameras. Now they need a way for the director to talk to cameramen and talent. How can they do it inexpensively?

Leo says that doing a simple conference call would work. Often this is how it's done with a phone line and headsets. Mobile phones are remarkable. We're using consumer grade electronics to reinvent television, and if he thinks out of the box, he can too.

Leo suggests checking out

Watch Clarence from Virginia Comments

Clarence is a truck driver and he's been hearing about autonomous trucks that will be coming in the future. 8,000 lbs of freight rolling down the highway with nobody behind the wheel. And they're testing them now already. Leo says it's interesting, but scary. But with sensors like the On Guard system to sense how fast a car in front of you is traveling and reacting automatically, it's only a matter of time before this happens.

Watch Mike from Grants Pass, OR Comments

Mike lives in a remote area and he usually accesses the Internet via his mobile phone. He also has point-to-point internet, which is not only expensive, but he's concerned with security because the service requires a router connection in bridge mode with DHCP. Leo says that routers can be secure as long as he connects with encryption via WPA2. Routers are essentially dumb boxes that can protect him from attacks. But that depends on how they handle their security. It can be just as secure as his home network, or it can be wide open. It might be worth calling the host and asking them what they're doing and why.

Watch Steve from San Marcos, CA Comments

Steve calls in to says that autonomous vehicles, and even semis, are licensed in Nevada. Leo says that Nevada wants to be on the forefront on this. Leo suspects they will be widespread in big cities, but California seems to be pushing back on the trend. Leo says it's going to happen sooner or later. People are terrified of it, even though it has a spotless record. Google has been doing it for years with no accidents. But with more than 1 1/2% of people making a living driving, there will be a lot of people looking for work. Leo says that Uber will go automated soon too.

Watch Bob from Discovery Bay Comments

Bob is an IT professional and wants a good Windows based tablet. Leo says that the Microsoft Surface tablets are excellent. Lenovo makes a good one, as does Asus and Acer. The Surface is premium priced. Lenovo's Yoga is excellent.

Leo suggests that Bob consider the Lenovo Ideapad Miix 300, which looks to be a great option at just $249. What about the Winbook? At $60, you get what you pay for.

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Watch Lisa from Cypress, CA Comments

Lisa has a few hundred pictures on her iPhone. What can she do to prevent running out of space? Leo says that chances are, she has plenty of room right now. But what if she loses her phone? That's why Apple has iCloud. Lisa can turn on and enable iCloud and it will backup the images via Wi-Fi. She'll only get 5GB of storage for free, but an additional 50 GB is only about $20 a year.

Another option is to upload her photos to Google Photos. This includes unlimited free storage of high quality photos. It does the same thing with its app. Flickr would give her up to 1TB for free. And if she's an Office 365 subscriber, Microsoft provides free OneDrive storage.

But Lisa should also back up the images to her computer via iTunes, or Apple Photos.

Watch Rene from San Bernardino, CA Comments

Rene wants to use Bluetooth speakers to listen to his stereo, but his stereo doesn't have Bluetooth capability. He could find a cheap transmitter on Amazon that would use an analog connection to his stereo. Leo recommends the Azeca BT005 Bluetooth Transmitter for around $28. This would plug into the headphone jack of his stereo. He should know that the range for Bluetooth is only about 30 feet. If he needs a longer range, he may want to look into the Nolan TRX HD Bluetooth transmitter for around $100 on Amazon. Then Rene can either get Bluetooth speakers, or he can get Bluetooth receivers to connect to his existing speakers to simply make them wireless.

Leo uses Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speakers. He could also get stereo Bluetooth speakers, or on the pricey side, JBL makes great high end Bluetooth speakers.

Chromecast Audio is an option Rene may want to consider as well, even though that is more for connecting his speakers to the internet. It's $35 and would plug into his speaker and join his Wi-Fi. Then he could use his smartphone to play audio to the speakers.

A more expensive but more reliable option is Sonos speakers. He would connect a base station to his stereo via optical connection, and then he'd also connect it to the internet. Then it can not only play his own music, but it could play from the internet as well.

Watch Avis from California Comments

Avis bought a 75" 4K TV for Christmas and she isn't sure that her cable will give her 4K. Leo says that the only way to get 4K is through Netflix or Vudu. And because it's over the internet, it's highly compressed. There really isn't any other 4K content until 4K Blu-ray players come out later this Spring. Then she'll start seeing movies being released in Ultra HD Blu-ray. What's a good brand? Leo says Sony is a top brand to look at.

Watch Greg from Long Beach, CA Comments

Greg just bought a house and he's in the process of remodeling it. He wants to create a home version of Jarvis. Leo says that home automation is a geeky thing and he was hoping that Apple would make it easy with their Home Kit. That would be the best way to do it. It's the Internet of things, and his Hub would be his iPhone. He could have an iPad built into a wall, but technology changes so fast, it may be better to hang it -- not embed it. But he can have smart window shades, a Nest smart thermostat, iDevices, water sensors, and an internet enabled deadbolt lock. All these can be used with a phone. It's a pity though that Apple didn't make the Apple TV the central hub. That would've made sense.

How about home theater speakers? Leo says that JBL makes good speakers, but he'll want to hear them before he buys them. He'll also want a whole home surge protector to guard against power spikes all over the home. It'll be much better and cheaper than surge protectors everywhere. He should have an electrician do it.