Should I get the Motorola Moto X or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?

Episode 1251 (55:03)

BJ from LA
Samsung Galaxy S6

BJ wants to know how the Motorola Moto X Pure stacks up against the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Leo says that the Moto X Pure has a nice screen and a great pure Google experience. The Galaxy S6 Edge has a much nicer screen, but he doesn't like Samsung's TouchWiz overlay. BJ also hates the Motorola tech support. Leo says that Samsung's isn't much better and both expect the carrier to support it.

Leo says that if the price is no issue, get the Samsung Galaxy Note V or the Galaxy S6. They are outstanding phones and he can always root it to get rid of TouchWiz. He doesn't really need the Edge screen either. 64GB is plenty of storage. If he really wants a pure Android experience, the Google Nexus 5X or 6P is the way to go.