Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1251 (19:22)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott is at CES for the latest in Home Theater and all the TV manufacturers are introducing new models of high dynamic range 4K TVs. There's finally a standard from the UHD Alliance called "Ultra HD Premium." But there's also a competing standard. Scott says that even though we have a budding format war, this time, they are largely interoperable. The 4K Blu-Ray players coming out are a lot cheaper as well, starting at $400. The first Blu-ray player was $1,000. So we're getting better at that and Leo says that by next year, they'll be under $100.

What happened to glass-free 3D? Scott says it was nowhere to be found. But OLEDs were everywhere. Sony also showed off a new backlighting system that will provide 4000 nits of peak brightness and they could have it in models by next year.

Scott has put nearly 25 miles on his feet this year walking around at CES.