How can I install a new SSD?

Episode 1250 (1:15:25)

Jeff from North Carolina

Jeff bought a 1TB SSD and he wants to install it with a fresh install of Windows. Leo says that makes it a lot easier. Jeff can just install the drive and then install WIndows on it. Jeff may have activation issues with it, though. Jeff could also clone the other hard drive by imaging it to the new one. It won't be a clean install, but he can then do a recovery.

But here's a better option: Upgrade to Windows 10 before he installs the new hard drive. It'll tie the OS to the computer. Then he can download the media creation tool and he'll have a recovery. Put that on a USB key and then restore from the USB key and he'll be good to go. He can then use the old drive as a backup. For more information, check out for clean install notes.