Why can't I get a photo realistic print?

Episode 1248 (50:44)

Ken from Filmore, CA

Ken wants a good high resolution printer to print off images that have very high resolution prints, and the copy shop isn't getting it done. Leo says that printer is probably a better choice than a high volume copy center, which is likely a bit out of date and lower resolution. Consumer inkjet technology has really leapfrogged the average copy shop. Ken will want a printer that can output at least 600 DPI.

He should also find out what his copy center's max DPI is and match that in his image files. That way there will be no downrezzing or uprezzing which can introduce artifacts. Printers also tend to use CMYK standard, rather than RGB, which is home printing. He'll definitely want a photo realistic printer. Epson's Workforce printers are very fast and can print at a variety of resolutions, including very high resolution prints.

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