What's a good Windows laptop for work?

Episode 1248 (1:08:54)

Kathleen from Los Angeles, CA
Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Kathleen's daughter is a Mac user who needs to get a Windows laptop for work. Leo says that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a great tablet with detachable keyboard. It's an excellent Windows computer.

A more traditional model at a reasonable price is the Dell XPS 13. An i5 processor will be fine. She should get 8GB RAM, maybe 16GB, and definitely an SSD. She can even get it with a touch screen. She can probably just subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 at $8 a month. That will be a good basic package. But she should ask her IT guy to point her in the right direction.

The other option is to run Windows on a Mac using Boot Camp. Then it'll run natively just as well, if not better, than on a Windows machine.