What software do I need to record podcasts?

Episode 1248 (29:41)

Brian from Momence, IL

Brian picked up the Heil PR40 Microphone to do some podcasting. He also uses a PreSonus AudioBox iTwo. Leo says the Heil PR40 is a mic that Leo uses all the time. The PreSonus makes it possible to use a professional analog broadcast mic with a computer. Brian is wondering what he should use to record podcasts when he interviews people who call in. Leo says that Skype is the way to go, especially when he's having guests all over the world. The quality is amazing, too. The reason why, is because the telephone network is intentionally inferior with extremely low bit rates of 4-6 bits. And it hasn't gotten any better. Skype, on the other hand, is using higher bit rates over the internet.

The challenge is to record both sides. Leo likes Pamela. For audio editing, Leo recommends Amadeus Pro. On Windows, Adobe Audition is the king of the hill. It can also clean up bad audio. A good free option is Audacity.