What laptop should I get for video editing?

Episode 1248 (15:53)

Nan from La Crescenta, CA

Nan is looking for a laptop to do Photoshop and video editing. Leo says that this will depend on how advanced the video editing is. Many will harness the graphics processor to do most of the heavy lifting, while others will just rely on the computer's own processor to do it. Some laptops don't have a dedicated GPU. Nan will want a higher end laptop, but that also impact battery life.

Nan is probably going to want a desktop replacement with at least 16GB or even 32GB of RAM. Leo's not a fan of HP laptops. There's too much bloatware, and they tend to have overheating issues. Leo recommends Dell or Lenovo. Nan should get it with an NVIDIA graphics processor. An SSD is good too. Leo suggests not thinking of price as much as quality. If price is an issue, then Leo recommends a desktop.