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Watch Nan from La Crescenta, CA Comments

Nan is looking for a laptop to do Photoshop and video editing. Leo says that this will depend on how advanced the video editing is. Many will harness the graphics processor to do most of the heavy lifting, while others will just rely on the computer's own processor to do it. Some laptops don't have a dedicated GPU. Nan will want a higher end laptop, but that also impact battery life.

Nan is probably going to want a desktop replacement with at least 16GB or even 32GB of RAM. Leo's not a fan of HP laptops. There's too much bloatware, and they tend to have overheating issues. Leo recommends Dell or Lenovo. Nan should get it with an NVIDIA graphics processor. An SSD is good too. Leo suggests not thinking of price as much as quality. If price is an issue, then Leo recommends a desktop.

Watch Robert from Charleston, SC Comments

Robert is looking to get the new Google Nexus 5X or 6P. Leo says that the Nexus brand is popular because it's a pure Android experience that gets updated quickly. How does he transfer all his data? Leo says that any mobile phone with NFC will be able to transfer all the data with "tap and go," and the rest will come from signing into Google in the cloud. Then it will restore the previous Android phone.

How about Google Fi? Leo says that Google Fi is great because he'll get access to both T-Mobile and Sprint networks. Whichever is stronger in the area he's in, will get handed off to that network. But one thing he won't get is T-Mobile's unlimited data for media.

Watch Brian from Momence, IL Comments

Brian picked up the Heil PR40 Microphone to do some podcasting. He also uses a PreSonus AudioBox iTwo. Leo says the Heil PR40 is a mic that Leo uses all the time. The PreSonus makes it possible to use a professional analog broadcast mic with a computer. Brian is wondering what he should use to record podcasts when he interviews people who call in. Leo says that Skype is the way to go, especially when he's having guests all over the world. The quality is amazing, too. The reason why, is because the telephone network is intentionally inferior with extremely low bit rates of 4-6 bits. And it hasn't gotten any better. Skype, on the other hand, is using higher bit rates over the internet.

The challenge is to record both sides. Leo likes Pamela. For audio editing, Leo recommends Amadeus Pro. On Windows, Adobe Audition is the king of the hill. It can also clean up bad audio. A good free option is Audacity.

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Watch Bruce from Riverside, CA Comments

Bruce is having trouble getting responses with group texting through Verizon. Leo says that happens to his wife as well. Often they arrive a day later, sometimes not at all. Leo says it may be a handshake issue between carriers. It also could be that some people in the group text may be using iMessages with an iPhone. Most users don't realize that when they use iMessage, they're using data and not the SMS system. As such, some just don't get the message because they're on two different networks. The best solution is to go with a data only system like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Facebook will probably be easier to get everyone to use. Other options include Telegram and Google Hangouts.

Watch Ken from Filmore, CA Comments

Ken wants a good high resolution printer to print off images that have very high resolution prints, and the copy shop isn't getting it done. Leo says that printer is probably a better choice than a high volume copy center, which is likely a bit out of date and lower resolution. Consumer inkjet technology has really leapfrogged the average copy shop. Ken will want a printer that can output at least 600 DPI.

He should also find out what his copy center's max DPI is and match that in his image files. That way there will be no downrezzing or uprezzing which can introduce artifacts. Printers also tend to use CMYK standard, rather than RGB, which is home printing. He'll definitely want a photo realistic printer. Epson's Workforce printers are very fast and can print at a variety of resolutions, including very high resolution prints.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)

Watch Kathleen from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Kathleen's daughter is a Mac user who needs to get a Windows laptop for work. Leo says that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a great tablet with detachable keyboard. It's an excellent Windows computer.

A more traditional model at a reasonable price is the Dell XPS 13. An i5 processor will be fine. She should get 8GB RAM, maybe 16GB, and definitely an SSD. She can even get it with a touch screen. She can probably just subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 at $8 a month. That will be a good basic package. But she should ask her IT guy to point her in the right direction.

The other option is to run Windows on a Mac using Boot Camp. Then it'll run natively just as well, if not better, than on a Windows machine.

Watch Mike from Portland, ME Comments

Mike is a guest on a few podcasts, and he usually uses his Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB microphone. He also plugs in headphones to his sound card. But he can't hear himself as he talks into the microphone. Leo suggests plugging his headphones into the mic itself. Leo says the reason the sound from the mic is disabled when he plugs into the sound card is because there's a slight delay, which can be very distracting. If he plugs into the mic directly, he'll be able to hear himself without any delay.

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Watch Chris from Ottawa, ON Comments

Chris recently bought a 12" MacBook. Leo says it's his favorite Mac, even though it's a bit slower than the MacBook Air. It's also lighter. Should he get the Apple Type-C adapter? Leo says no. That type C adapter is $80 and that's ridiculous. He should go with a third party adapter, since the Type-C is universal.

Leo likes the Satechi Type-C USB hub, but it doesn't have passthrough power. Otherworld Computing (MacSales) has one that comes with passthrough power, and it has 10 ports!

Watch Elena from Claremont, CA Comments

Elena was looking for a refurbished iPhone but finds that Apple doesn't sell them. Where can she get one without buying full price? Leo says that Gazelle sells refurbished phones, as does Amazon. But he's nervous about that. Gazelle is legit though.

Leo advises checking the coverage map for her area. If T-Mobile works in her area, then she should try their $30 a month plan with unlimited data and text with 100 minutes of voice, great for the modern user on a budget. And T-Mobile will let her bring her own phone and go month to month, or she can subsidize. Apple has a $35 a month pay as you go plan for the phone.

(Disclaimer: Gazelle is a sponsor).

Watch Ann from Oceanside, CA Comments

Ann is getting a warning that her hard drive is failing. How can she backup her data? Leo says to get an external USB drive and just drag and drop everthing over that. What about her favorites? Leo says she can export her favorites from the browser and email them to herself.

Leo says the computer should be still under warranty and if there's a warning, then it should be replaced. It could also be a false positive. Leo has never had a hard drive fail after a warning. They usually fail without warning. So she should back it up and then take it in to be looked at.

Watch Camden from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

Cam has a USB headset that causes a bluescreen of death when he unplugs it, and then his USB ports stop working. Leo suspects that the USB driver is corrupted. It could also be a bad USB port or short circuit in the headset. But he should always test the driver. He should remove it in Device Manger - Windows Key + X, then select "Device Manager." Then let it reacquire and install the drivers.

Watch Alan from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Alan is a video editor and wants to try and use an SSD as RAM. Leo says that a drive, even an SSD, isn't fast enough to act as RAM. Not to mention the USB ports won't be fast enough to allow it. Hard drives should only be used as RAM to prevent crashing when the computer's RAM is completely used up.