Is there still an Android phone with a replaceable battery?

Episode 1247 (16:35)

Mike from El Segundo, CA
Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Mike needs a new phone and is looking at the latest Samsung Galaxy Note or Galaxy S6. He wants one with a replaceable battery. Mike found an unlocked international Samsung phone at an electronics store, and they said it doesn't have the extra software on it. Leo says it'll most certainly have the Samsung software installed, but since it's an unlocked international phone, it won't have any carrier software on it.

The Galaxy S and Note series has less bloatware, but they do come with their own software. Leo says to avoid the S5. The Note 5 doesn't have a replacable battery either, though. Only the Note 4 does, and it also has an SD card. But having said that, the Note V and even the Galaxy S6 are top notch, especially with the camera. The LG G4 also has a removable battery and SD card slot. And it's a really nice phone as well.