Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1247 (1:14:01)

Johnny Jet

Today's Travel Site - This is ideal for travelers who are heading to cold areas, where you can rent cold weather clothing. These are from premium brands, and packages start at $40 for two days worth of clothing. They have packages for all seasons. It's available in NewYork and will be coming to Boston and Washington, DC.

Today's Travel App - Safe Trek. It's ideal for when you can't call the police. You register the app and hold down a button until you feel safe. If you let go of the button and don't enter your code within 10 seconds, it will alert the police automatically. There's a 30 day trial, then $2.99 a month afterwards.

Travel Tip - Flytographer. Hire a photographer for up to 90 minutes to take professional images on your vacation. It's not cheap - $250 for a 30 minute shoot. But it'll be the best photographs you've ever taken of your trip.