How can I stop getting badgered to upgrade to Windows 10?

Episode 1247 (1:02:00)

Rick from Phelan, CA
Microsoft Windows 10

Rick is being bothered relentlessly to upgrade to Windows 10. How can he stop that? Leo says that Windows 10 is good and a free upgrade for all Windows 7 and 8 users isn't a bad thing. If he accepts the offer and installs it, he'll still have 30 days to downgrade. But he doesn't have to upgrade if he has Windows 7. If he has Windows 8, on the other hand, he should definitely do it.

There is an unsanctioned way to get rid of the repeated ad to upgrade. The GWX Control Panel can be downloaded and it will tweak his system to remove the ad. Leo is hesitant to recommend it. Microsoft should really stop badgering users to upgrade. That's just bad form.