Can I turn my PC into an answering machine?

Episode 1247 (56:31)

Wayne from Decatur, GA

Wayne ordered a computer online and he wants to know if there's a program that he can plug into his computer and make it into an answering machine. Leo says there is, but he doesn't recommend them. He would need a voice modem to support it. ZyXEL still sells them, but Wayne would have to leave his PC on all the time and connected to the phone line. Then there's always the risk that the computer will answer the phone instead of him. It's far easier to just buy an answering machine. Or rely on the phone company's own voice messaging. Or, just cut the cable altogether and rely on his mobile phone solely.

Another option is RingCentral if it's a business. He can get a virtual receptionist and phone tree to handle incoming calls. Other options include Google Voice and Grasshopper.

(Disclaimer: RingCentral was a sponsor).