What unlocked Android phone should I buy?

Episode 1246 (13:46)

Sam from Santa Monica, CA
Motorola Moto G

Sam wants to buy an unlocked smartphone. He's heard Leo talk about the Motorola Moto G, but he's also looking at the Huawei P8 lite, and the Alcatel Idol 3. Leo says that the benefit of owning an unlocked phone is that he can take it to just about any carrier. It gives him flexibility, but it also means he'll have to pay for the phone completely up front.

Leo says that Huawei makes really good phones and it has SD storage and dual SIMs. Leo says that having two SIMs is a great feature if he's traveling internationally in countries like India and China. That will allow him to keep his own number and use a SIM from another country. But the camera is where these budget phones fall short. To see how good a camera these cellphones have, Sam can go to Flickr and search by phone model. He'll get plenty of examples of how good (or bad) the cameras are. There's also an issue of battery life, and that's where the Motorola Moto G pulls ahead. It has great battery life. It also is a pure Android experience and gets updated faster as a result.