Google Pixel C Tablet Review

Episode 1246 (03:02)

Google Pixel C

Leo's been using the new Google Pixel C tablet, and has some thoughts on it. The screen is nice, but the sound isn't great. It is about the size of a traditional iPad, with a 4:3 aspect ratio. It has the new USB-C connector, which Leo really likes. You can also pick up a metal keyboard for it, which allows you to treat it as a laptop that runs Android.

Some believe that Android isn't ready for prime time when it comes to tablets, but Leo disagrees. He's quite comfortable with the user interface. He also really likes the customizable widgets for the home screen instead of just icons. It can make for a great informational dashboard. And you can make theme centric pages with widgets in them. Some Android apps aren't tablet ready, but that's on the developer's, not Android. Leo says that the Google Pixel C tablet is an excellent choice for those looking for a tablet but can't afford or want to buy an iPad.