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Watch Sam from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Sam wants to buy an unlocked smartphone. He's heard Leo talk about the Motorola Moto G, but he's also looking at the Huawei P8 lite, and the Alcatel Idol 3. Leo says that the benefit of owning an unlocked phone is that he can take it to just about any carrier. It gives him flexibility, but it also means he'll have to pay for the phone completely up front.

Leo says that Huawei makes really good phones and it has SD storage and dual SIMs. Leo says that having two SIMs is a great feature if he's traveling internationally in countries like India and China. That will allow him to keep his own number and use a SIM from another country. But the camera is where these budget phones fall short. To see how good a camera these cellphones have, Sam can go to Flickr and search by phone model. He'll get plenty of examples of how good (or bad) the cameras are. There's also an issue of battery life, and that's where the Motorola Moto G pulls ahead. It has great battery life. It also is a pure Android experience and gets updated faster as a result.

Watch Dave from Riverside, CA Comments

Dave is being invited to upgrade to Windows 10, and it's bugging him about it. He's happy with Windows 7, though. Leo says Dave will have up to July 29, 2016 to get the free upgrade. Should he upgrade? Leo says there have been a lot of improvements over Windows 7, and it's far superior to Windows 8. It's more secure and faster. But Windows 7 is pretty rock solid and is going to be supported until 2020.

Leo says that if Dave decides to accept the invitation, and he doesn't like it, he can roll back to Windows 7 within 30 days. Dave can wait to download it also. Leo is very happy with Windows 10, but as the saying goes "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." The invitation popup won't go away. There is a hotfix that will get rid of it, but Microsoft just reinstalls it with updates.

Watch Gail from Covina, CA Comments

Gail is looking to get a Kindle eBook reader and she wants one that can read to her. Leo says that the Kindle is good, but she doesn't really have to buy a separate eBook reader for that. The Kindle App can read to her as well, because it has something called Whisper Sync. She'll just have to be sure she buys the eBook that has an audio book option, and not all do. But Leo says that the Kindle Paperwhite is a great option.

Watch Walt from California Comments

Walt got a notification from the US Office of Personnel Management about his personal data being compromised. Leo says it's true. They were hacked and the personal data files of anyone who has worked for or applied for a job with the US Government may have had their personal information compromised. They should have also offered users a year of free credit and information monitoring to make up for it.

Leo says that the OPM hack was the worst hack ever and it came out of China. Leo believes it was an official government operation being covered up by a few prosecutions. But it is a serious breach. Visit, for information about how to protect yourself and how the Office of Personnel Management can help you.

It's also possible that Walt received a phishing scam letter by someone meaning to trick him into giving his personal information. They should reference the link above if it's legit.

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Watch Elliot from Boston, MA Comments

Elliot just bought a domain name for a website he's going to build, and he wants to know how to route his Gmail account through his domain name. Leo says that Gmail offers mail forwarding, and he can just go to Hover and request the email redirection. Then he'll just go into his Gmail settings and look under "Delegation" to make sure it says his domain name in the reply fields.

Watch Roger from Lomita,CA Comments

Roger wants to buy an iPad Pro and he wants to know if the Apple Pencil is for more than drawing. Leo says it can be used for anything, but Leo says that the $100 price tag is obscene. What about the keyboard? Leo says that the Keyboard is awesome. It's really a full case and it makes it much bigger. But the Logitech keyboard is $20 cheaper and has backlighting.

Watch Chris from Miami, FL Comments

Chris had an issue with Apple and wrote a letter to Tim Cook about it and they hooked him up with a senior tech support person. They created a new partition, but they think he may have to reinstall the OS, and maybe even replace the processor. Leo says that most companies have an office of the president or executive team that will directly address issues when letters are written to the CEO/President. These are high level support people who are tasked with simply fixing issues. It's often better support and sometimes they issue a replacement.

Watch Kevin from Beaumont, CA Comments

Kevin is worried that the government is pushing to weaken encryption and that will make it far less secure. Leo agrees. He understands why the government is worried about encryption, but at the same time, weakening it helps nobody. Is it too easy to get encryption and use it? Leo says that's an interesting point. Especially since all mobile phone communications are encrypted now. Leo says that maybe the solution is that companies should hold the keys and have the power to decrypt if the law enforcement provides a warrant.

Do you trust law enforcement or government where overreach is all too common? Do we want the government to have that power? We have the right to privacy. It's a conversation we need to have, and it needs to be an informed one.

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Watch Bridget from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Comments

Bridget got her first Mac and she's stunned that the cost of the apps for the Mac are so much more expensive than the ones for her iPhone or iPad. Leo says that's true, and Mac users are willing to pay it too. Bridget needs something she can use to edit a Word document that won't cost an arm and a leg. She's seen a lot of negative reviews on Apple's Pages. Leo says he likes Pages, but it isn't Word, which is why it gets a lot of negative reviews. Most people only use about 5% of Word's features, though. Pages is the best tool to layout and edit a resume. She doesn't even have to buy it, either. has all the features of Pages for free and it's web based. She'll just need her Apple ID to use it.

Another option is Microsoft's Office 365. is good. Google Docs is also an option, but it's not really ideal for presentation.

Watch Dean from Tuscon, AZ Comments

Dean is thinking of getting a Samsung Galaxy S4 refurbrished. They want $170 for it. Leo says that's crazy! It was a great phone in its day, but it's about three years old now. They should give it to him for free.

For that price, the Motorola Moto G is a better buy. The newer Samsung Galaxy S5 or Galaxy S6 is a much better deal with better, more improved hardware. Dean doesn't need to be paying $170 for an S4. He should shop around. Leo suggests getting the Moto G. It's a pure android experience.

Watch Walter from West Virginia Comments

When Walter clicks on his Google Chrome shortcut on Windows, it keeps taking him to Leo recommends right-clicking on that shortcut and clicking on "Properties." This will show him what that shortcut is actually doing. Leo suspects that at some point, perhaps while installing something, he clicked something that made MSN his home page. But he should look in that shortcut for something about MSN, and he can remove that.

Unfortunately, there are other ways Microsoft may have made that the home page. He should also look in Chrome's settings for the "start page" and change that. It's not unusual when installing software for it to automatically change things like that.

Watch Sundeep from Orlando, FL Comments

Sundeep has a friend who has created a Christmas book for children and he wants to help them maintain inventory for selling their book online. Leo says that self publishing is a great way to go, but doing your own fulfillment is not. He should check out the book "Author Publisher Entrepreneur" (APE) by Guy Kawasaki. Printing on demand is a great way to go. They should check out for this, and they can even sell through Amazon. Leo also recommends shipping via That way, they can print postage directly from the computer and can even integrate through the USPS via media mail.

Check out the book No Chimney, No Problem. It's a great book about how Santa gets in when you don't have a chimney!

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Watch Teddy from Southgate, CA Comments

Teddy has a used car he bought for his daughter, but it has a bunch of buttons for answering a mobile phone. He had it connected to an iPhone and now he's moved to an Android device. How can he adjust that? Leo says that it could be something he'd have to get from the auto manufacturer.

Watch Sy from California Comments

Sy has a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that restarts a lot. Sometimes it even locks him out. Leo says that it's worth doing a factory reset to get rid of any corruption in the software. But more likely, it's hardware which is due to age.

Sy could also root it. He should check out He needs to search for the exact model phone as his, and he can learn how to root the phone. This will allow him to create a better recovery or ROM like Cyanogen Mod, which can give it new life.

Watch Curtis from Virginia Comments

Curtis has been watching Leo on Roku and lately he's been getting HDCP errors for unauthorized access. Leo says that's just nuts. There's no reason why that's on there. But it's also problematic because everything needs to be HDCP compliant. It's clearly a spurious message because Leo's podcasts aren't copy protected. He can power it off and unplug the Roku, then plug it back in. But it's clear that something is confused.