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Watch Steven from Seattle, WA Comments

Steven travels for business and he wants to be able to automatically track his mileage. Leo suggests the Automatic. It plugs into the car's OBD2 port and it keeps track of mileage, will tell him what error codes mean, calculate gas mileage, and even estimate how much mileage he has left before he runs out of gas. Leo likes that it specifically tracks mileage for business vs. personal. It'll even let him know where his car is. There are also apps that will work with Automatic.

For invoicing, the Freshbooks and Expensify apps will both pick up his business mileage and populate it into an invoice. It'll even work with the Nest Thermostat.

Automatic will also help teach kids to drive better and develop better driving habits.

(Disclaimer: Freshbooks is a sponsor)

Watch Lou from Pasadena, CA Comments

Lou's Yahoo Mail account got hacked and has been used to send out spam. He's changed all his passwords, but he's worried that they now have control of his iPhone. Leo says that didn't happen and Lou is being understandibly paranoid about it.

Leo advises changing the password and then turning on two factor authentication. This is usually done by giving Yahoo his phone number and then they will text him if his password is being changed. He'll input the code and then the password gets changed. This prohibits someone from changing the password unless they steal his phone first.

The "UPDATE Protocol" detailed in the Future Crimes Book is a good way to stay secure online.

Watch Richard from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Richard just got a new Dell computer and he wants to know how to do routine maintenance. Leo says that running defrags, clearing cookies and temporary files, etc. are really no longer important to do with modern operating systems. In fact, they clear them automatically now. So there's really no need anymore to do routine maintenance.

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Watch Karen from Long Beach, CA Comments

Karen's kids want to stream video and she needs to make her TV "smart." Will a computer do that? Leo says that's way too complicated. The best way to do it is to pick up a Roku streaming box. It doesn't include Apple's iTunes, but it will stream Amazon Prime like her kids want. Leo recommends going with the Roku.

Watch Elizabeth from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Elizabeth bought a used MacBook Air, and when she got it, she wiped it. Now it doesn't work right. Leo suggests signing into iTunes and redownloading the OS update and installing it. But she can't turn off the firmware password utility. Leo says that if she can prove ownership, Apple will unlock the laptop for her.

It sounds like Elizabeth has fallen into the trap of Apple's Activation lock. Here's a few tips on how to wipe out that firmware password from

Watch Denise from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Denise has a Mac Mini with a 2TB hard drive and she's running out of space. Leo says that's a huge hard drive and it would be very hard to fill it up like that with regular use. First, she should empty the trash. Denise also had a power outage and Leo says that could have clobbered her hard drive and ruined it. At this point, it's probably best to replace the hard drive, which would be a challenge to do with the Mac Mini. Leo recommends taking it to the Apple Store.

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Watch Shell from West Covina, CA Comments

Shell wants to know if she should buy a Wi-Fi only iPad, or the iPad with 4G access. Leo says that Apple will charge an additional $129 for the LTE capability, plus she'll have to pay for an additional monthly data plan. It's far cheaper to get a Wi-Fi only tablet and then use her phone as a hotspot for about $20 a month. Even Leo didn't buy a data plan with his latest iPad Pro. He just went with the Wi-Fi version.

Will there be a new iPhone soon? Leo says he's hearing that there may be a new iPhone announced in March, going back to the 4" size, which could be called an iPhone Mini. The big upgrade for iPhones will be in September, though.

Watch Steve from Palm Desert, CA Comments

Steve has backed up his photos to his computer, but iTunes won't recognize his phone in Windows. His Mac works fine, though. Leo says that his iCloud sync may be on and he's run out of space. Leo has heard many "tales of woe" pertaining to Apple photos and the sync feature.

Leo recommends backing up his photos to another option like Flickr, Google Photos or even Microsoft One Drive. If he's a prime member, he can get unlimted full quality backup for free. He should download one of the apps and it will upload and back them up automatically. Apple has a bad track record with syncing and cloud computing.

Watch David from Spring Hill, FL Comments

David wanted to upgrade the lighting in his home and he's now dealing with a lot of noise on his stereo and HAM Radio. Leo says it's interference from the LED bulbs. Leo says that the lights have to be properly wired and he should get better LED bulbs. There are good and bad LEDs. Cheaper LEDs aren't RF protected. And some are just better than others.