Why is my DSL service so bad?

Episode 1244 (1:19:36)

Jim from Orange County, CA

Jim is learning that having business service is way more expensive than consumer grade service. Leo says that's crazy but all too often true. Jim also says that the DSL in his building is terrible. Leo says DSL often has issues being too far away from the central hub switch, which can slow it down and affect the consistency of the service. The closer you are the faster and better it will be. Going with a third party service like DSL Extreme can be handy because they fight to give you better service.

Jim says that AT&T is promising fiber service with 10 Mbps up/down for $650 a month. Leo says that by comparison to a T1 line, that's actually a good deal. What about Microwave? Leo says that would be great, if he's within line of sight. A lot of people use that for business. And remember the real technology is in the "last mile." It's important to have a service level agreement. He should ask for references.