How can I rip CDs?

Episode 1244 (1:51:02)

Jim from Morrison, CO

Jim wants to know if there's an alternative to Windows Media Center for Windows 10? Leo says that Microsoft dropped Windows Media Center because they say nobody was really using it. So with Windows 10, they completely killed it.They'll even remove it if he were to upgrade to Windows 10.

For audio only, ripping CDs, there's plenty of alternatives and it's really easy. He'll just want to be sure he has the right format. He can also add album art and metadata. iTunes will do it, but it's better with Mac than Windows. Leo's favorite is Media Monkey. He shouldn't save it as WMAs because that's specific to Windows. MP3s are better and the quality is the same. There's also MP3 Tag, which will allow him to mass tag his MP3s. It even tags WMA files.