Can I assign a ringtone to my Ring Video Doorbell?

Episode 1244 (30:26)

Greg from Conifer, CO
Ring Video Doorbell

Greg has bought several Ring Video Doorbells for family. Leo says that Ring is a sponsor of the podcast and he really likes them. Greg says that the probolem is that his father is hard of hearing and the tones from the phones are hard to hear. Is there a way to adjust it? Leo says that is a flaw in the current design and he agrees that Ring should allow users to assign a sound they can hear and recognize.

On Android, he could create a sound and assign it to the Ring sound. He can use Astro or ES File Explorer, which will allow him to browse around the Android file system. Once he knows where the Ring Doorbell tone is, he can replace it with a tone with the same name. He'll want to be sure it's in the same file format and name, though.

The iPhone, on the other hand, is harder. He could try eCamm's Phone View. He can't browse all the folders or modify them, but he may be able to get to the Ring folder. It just depends on where the ringtone is. Apple tends to sandbox everything, though. Greg could also get a cheap Android tablet dedicated for that.