Should I sign up for Google Fi?

Episode 1243 (1:34:52)

Joe from Phoenix, AZ
Google Nexus 5X

Joe is a truck driver and his phone is a 2013 Motorola Moto X. He lives on that phone. Leo says that smartphones are so complete that they are a user's primary computer now. He's thinking of upgrading to the Motorola Moto X or the new Google Nexus 5X. Leo says that the 5X is excellent. It has a great camera, and it's fast.

What about Google Fi? Leo says that for $20 a month, and using Sprint and T-Mobile, it's a great option for a truck driver. And he'll get free data all over the world through T-Mobile. So why not? Sadly, it's limited to Google Nexus phones right now due to hardware compatibility. If Motorola did make a Google Fi compatible phone, then Fi would be a great choice for Joe.