Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1243 (26:03)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott is back, talking about this weekend's Tuba Christmas! It's Scott's annual Christmas concert where he plays with hundreds of other Tuba players. Also, being the holidays, he's posted several home theater buyer's guides at AVS Forum. He's got guides for speakers, Blu-ray players, A/V receivers, and more.

Scott heard last week's question about affordable 4K projectors. He says that Sony is currently the only one making 4K projectors. But they're still over $10,000 at this point. Epson has what he calls "FauxK," which is a kind of simulated 4K with 1080p. And all of JVC's projectors do that with a technique called "E Shift." And although it's simulated 4K, it looks pretty good. But it's not really that much sharper than 1080p. Still, it allows them to accept a 4K signal, but the cheapest is still $4,000. Will the cost of projectors come down? Scott says eventually. But projectors are far behind, and he's really not sure why.

That's why Scott agrees with Leo that the money is better spent at this point on a good 1080p projector and spend the rest on a good screen.