Can I still get a Black Friday deal on a TV?

Episode 1242 (51:00)

Abby from Burbank, CA

Abby's TV is starting to die and they want to buy a new 50" LCD TV. Sadly, they missed Black Friday. Leo says the good news is that Samsung's Black Friday deal runs until the end of the month, so she's not out of luck yet. And they're selling them for half price. Should they buy a 4K TV? Leo says he isn't really sure it's time for it yet, as there's still no content for it. She could stream Netflix with it at 4K, but it's going to kill her bandwidth. Also, she'd have to get a 4K Blu-ray player, but there won't be many available until next year. So she'll be in pretty good shape yet with a 1080p TV. But be careful about Black Friday deals as they are often last year's models, or a model specifically built for a Black Friday price and as such, can be pretty cheap.