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Episode 1242 November 29, 2015

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Audience Questions

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Watch Greg from Newbury Park, CA Comments

Greg just bought a new house and he wants to wire it up for home theater all around the house. Leo says that the best thing is always wire in the walls. But it's not as important as it used to be thanks to Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi doesn't get through metal very well, though. Since Greg's house is already wired for sound in every room, its just a matter of upgrading it.

The best solution is probably to abandon the wires and go with a Sonos Wireless system. It'll cost him less and be better quality. He can use the existing speakers with Sonos Bridge, and he'll get an independent element to each room as well. The down side is that they are expensive. Another option is Chromecast Audio.

Watch Raj from United Kingdom Comments

Raj wants to buy a new laptop but it doesn't come with recovery discs. Leo says that the software is now on a partition on the laptop and he can make his own set of recovery discs with optical media or even a USB key. If he wants to use a USB key, he'll need one that is 8GB or larger. Use the Windows Boot Media Tool to make a bootable key. Then he can slipstream in new updates as they come available. If he gets a bigger key, then he can create an image of his hard drive, including all of his apps and he can restore it when he needs to.

Watch Mike from Fontana, CA Comments

Mike wants to expand the range of his television by streaming via the internet. Leo says that since Mike wants to play internet radio through his home theater system, the Chromecast Audio would be the best option. He can then browse to the internet radio station (if supported) and then connect to it. Roku has a lot more stations available, but if he has to get a website up to stream with it, then Chromecast is the simplest way to go. If he wants to connect the computer to it, then using Miracast would work.

At $35, Chromecast is a better option. Using his smartphone with Chromecast would enable him to use TuneIn or iHeart Radio to listen to streaming audio, and then Chromecast straight over to it.

Watch Carlos from San Jacinto, TX Comments

Carlos has recently updated to Windows 10, but whenever he plugs his computer into ethernet cable, it disconnects and defaults to Wi-Fi. Leo says that in network settings he can prioritize his connections. So he should just make sure his ethernet connection has a higher priority than his wireless connection. He can also just turn off wireless. Another thing that can cause problems is IPV6 compatibility, so he should turn that off as well.

To prioritize ethernet over wireless in Windows 10, open the Network and Sharing center. Then select "Change adapter settings." Go to the "Advanced" menu, and choose "Advanced settings." Now you'll see the "Adapters and Bindings" dialog that shows the order of prioritization for network services. Click on ethernet, and click the arrow to make it the first in that list.

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Watch Abby from Burbank, CA Comments

Abby's TV is starting to die and they want to buy a new 50" LCD TV. Sadly, they missed Black Friday. Leo says the good news is that Samsung's Black Friday deal runs until the end of the month, so she's not out of luck yet. And they're selling them for half price. Should they buy a 4K TV? Leo says he isn't really sure it's time for it yet, as there's still no content for it. She could stream Netflix with it at 4K, but it's going to kill her bandwidth. Also, she'd have to get a 4K Blu-ray player, but there won't be many available until next year. So she'll be in pretty good shape yet with a 1080p TV. But be careful about Black Friday deals as they are often last year's models, or a model specifically built for a Black Friday price and as such, can be pretty cheap.

Watch Abby from Burbank, CA Comments

Abby really likes the way Bose sounds, but she is wondering if she'd be able to find a less expensive speaker that has a similar sound. Leo says that Pioneer makes a great one by Andrew Jones. Leo's favorite is Audio Engine B2 Bluetooth Speaker. This is a powered speaker that looks like regular stereo speakers. She could pair the speaker to her phone, and play radio through it from the phone.

Watch Michele from California Comments

Michele bought a Motorola mobile phone and she's worried about the security of it, with Stagefright and other exploits. She wants to return it. But they're resisting the return unless there's a hardware or software issue. Leo says that an opinion that it isn't secure is not a provable fact, even if it comes from an expert.

Leo suggests writing Rick Osterloh, President and COO of Motorola Mobility and briefly tell them the story. She should mention that she was on Leo's show complaining about it. They have an office of the executive that exists to handle issues like that. Leo is confident that they'll address her concern. The chatroom also mentions tweeting about it. They pay attention to those because she's complaining to hundreds or thousands of people.

Watch Cindy from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

Cindy has two email addresses: One for business, and one for personal. Her Apple mail program always confuses business and personal, though. Leo says that most email programs have a setting for delegation, which would allow her to delegate which email she'll want to reply from. She should go into the composing settings of Apple Mail and she'll be able to select which message address she wants to send from. She should also make sure she has outgoing mail servers for both accounts and that's in the "Accounts" section. She should make sure to have SMTP set for both outbound, and IMAP for incoming. Leo also recommends using Gmail as her mail account.

Watch Katie from Loma Linda, CA Comments

Katie has two kids and she's looking for something to keep them occupied when they travel. Leo says that a good tablet is the way to go. It'll keep them occupied for hours. Amazon has a great one for kids called the Fire Kids Edition. It's designed with access to 10,000 kid friendly apps, games, movies and TV shows. It's wrapped in a rubber protector and is guaranteed. And if her kids break it, Amazon will give her a new one for 2 years. The cost is under $85. Leo says that Amazon has really figured it out.

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Watch Gary from Adelanto, CA Comments

Gary has reconnected with an old friend, but he has no digital access. He wants to be able to create a slide show of pictures and burn it to a DVD so he can watch it with his TV. Leo says that while it hasn't been popular for awhile, it's still doable. Roxio makes great DVD burning software that will do it. Another option is Corel DVD MovieFactory Pro 7.

Gary is using XP, so he'll have to be sure to have Service Pack 3 installed. He should make sure he has it set in the settings to play back on a standard DVD player.

Can he do it with Picasa? Leo says he can burn a CD to play in a computer, but not a DVD player. Windows Movie Maker can also do this.

Watch Trisha from La Costa, CA Comments

Trisha recently bought a Samsung Radiant 360 Speaker, but it apparently has to be controlled by a Samsung app on her smartphone. The problem is that she can't play the streaming audio from a separate app she likes. Leo says that is weird. Most speakers pair directly to the phone via Bluetooth, and anything that she could play on her phone could go through the speaker. The app seems to be designed to control multiple speakers in different rooms.

What Trisha really wants is a good wireless speaker for her phone. They range from $30-300. Leo advises returning that speaker and get one that works better for Trisha's needs.

Watch Noah from Rockford, MI Comments

Noah's computer has an annoying popup that says running in compatibility mode can cause problems. Leo says it sounds like it could be malware or a downloaded tool that causes it. It's auto starting, so he'll need to get into the auto start menu to remove it.

First, he should go into "Add/Remove Programs" or "Programs/Features" and see if he can remove it there. Then he can try going into his startup utility. Leo recommends downloading Microsoft's AutoRuns. He should also teach his mom to only download from safe places.

Watch Abraham from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Abraham is looking for an affordable 4K Projector. His budget is $3,000 to $4,000. Leo says that Sony makes several 4K projectors in that price range, but Epson is Leo's favorite. Their Cinema line is the best out there. But he should remember that 4K is more expensive because of the higher resolution. Look at native resolution, not enhanced. Leo says there's very little 4K content and what is out there is usually streamed online and is heavily compressed. It's not quite time yet for 4K and he would advise going 1080p for now. Also, lumens tends to rate brightness of whites, not the brightness of the projector in general.

Watch Carl from Corona, CA Comments

Carl got a cheap $2 charging cable for his iPad online, and now he's getting a message on his iPad that it isn't supported. Leo says that Apple has a proprietary cable for syncing data and charging devices. Leo suspects he'd probably be able to charge his iPad with that cable just fine, but he won't be able to sync the data. When buying a cable, he should look for "MFi Certified." Those cables are made to work with Apple devices. Apple licenses that cable technology, so he won't ever find an MFi Certified cable for cheap.

Watch Bob from Boston, MA Comments

Leo says if he had a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, then the MacBook Pro would be usable with the lid closed. Using VNC works, but he'd have to keep waking up his laptop to do it.