Why doesn't my TV switch to my laptop connection?

Episode 1241 (1:42:05)

Jeff from Ontario, CA

Jeff bought a Samsung Smart TV and it's connected to FIOS. Sometimes, though, they connect a laptop to it through HDMI. The TV doesn't like it and jumps back to HDMI 1, though. Leo says that is due to CEC or Consumer Electronics Control, which in theory will switch to the active device. In practice, it's sketchy at best. Some ports may be CEC and some may not be. And Samsung may not call it CEC. Jeff will also have to make sure that CEC is enabled. Another issue is a device going into sleep mode and not grabbing the CEC.

Jeff wants a phone that will automatically reply when he's driving. Leo says that the Motorola Moto X has that feature, and Samsung has something called Agent that will.