Is there a portable device for copying data off of my SD cards while traveling?

Episode 1241 (1:32:40)

Erik from Dusseldorf, Germany

Erik is looking for a small device to copy his camera SD cards to and print out pictures while traveling. Leo says it's called a "Photo Wallet" or "Photo Safe." It's essentially a hard drive with an SD card reader attached. Digital Foci is a great one. It's $150 for 500GB. But fewer and fewer are making them now because of the cloud.

Erik also wants to be able to review the images and print them. Leo says the Apple MacBook would be the best choice, but it's not the cheapest. It has a 12" Retina display, and its the thinnest laptop Apple makes. But he'd also need a dongle for connecting his camera. A good Windows option is the HP Stream, which is only $200 and runs Windows 10.