Should I buy an Apple Watch?

Episode 1241 (15:51)

Robert from California
Apple Watch

Robert is wondering if he should buy an Apple Watch or if there's a better option out there. Leo says that the first thing is to be sure he has an iPhone to support it, which must be an iPhone 5 or newer. Once he's passed that hurdle, he'll have to realize that the Apple Watch is really not all that necessary to every day life unless he has a specific need for it, like fitness or medical applications. It's kind of cool that you can answer your phone through your watch, though, and Apple Pay works great with it. But Leo says if he's asking if he should get it, then Leo says no.

The Apple Watch isn't the only option out there, either. Android Wear watches and the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 are good options. The Gear 2 has it's own operating system with a ring control that is far simpler than the Apple Watch. Will a new one come out soon? Leo says probably not, and even if there was, he still wouldn't really have a compelling reason to get it. Leo suspects we'll see a new Apple Watch at the end of 2016 or 2017.