Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1241 (1:00:43)

Johnny Jet

Johnny got a free upgrade on a seat flying the day after Thanksgiving. JJ says that this is a great time to fly because most people are sticking around for a day or two after Thanksgiving. So there's plenty of seats on flights the day after.

Travel News - Marriot bought Starwood hotels, making it the largest hotel chain in the world. Johnny says that Starwood's rewards program is far superior than Marriots and hopefully they won't screw that up.
Travel tip - Clear your browser at check out. Sign out and Sign back in. It'll give you a lower price.

Travel app - Finding Rover. Every year 7 million dogs get lost. Finding Rover has pet facial recognition and helps to find your missing pet, or take a picture of one you find that's lost. It'll also give you a bark so the dog is attracted to it. When lost, many dogs are skittish and the bark can help draw them in. Finding Rover then has a database of lost pets and you can use it to find your lost pet.

Travel Website - It shows off brand new resorts and hotels. When just opening up, you can often get a really good rate. That's also true of airlines, where they're opening up a new route and offering an intro rate. So keep an eye out for those.