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Watch Robert from California Comments

Robert is wondering if he should buy an Apple Watch or if there's a better option out there. Leo says that the first thing is to be sure he has an iPhone to support it, which must be an iPhone 5 or newer. Once he's passed that hurdle, he'll have to realize that the Apple Watch is really not all that necessary to every day life unless he has a specific need for it, like fitness or medical applications. It's kind of cool that you can answer your phone through your watch, though, and Apple Pay works great with it. But Leo says if he's asking if he should get it, then Leo says no.

The Apple Watch isn't the only option out there, either. Android Wear watches and the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 are good options. The Gear 2 has it's own operating system with a ring control that is far simpler than the Apple Watch. Will a new one come out soon? Leo says probably not, and even if there was, he still wouldn't really have a compelling reason to get it. Leo suspects we'll see a new Apple Watch at the end of 2016 or 2017.

Watch Mark from Fontana, CA Comments

Mark wants to know if he can password protect individual folders in DropBox. Leo says that may be a paid feature. One thing he can do is password protect or encrypt the files themselves. But that could get in the way of the file sync feature. Another option that may be better for this is ShareFile from Citrix.

(Disclaimer: Citrix is a sponsor)

Watch Michael from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Michael bought a Dell computer from Costco running Windows 7. Now he wants to upgrade to Windows 10 and he can't seem to do it. He's been told that the BIOS thinks it's running Windows 8.1 doesn't recognize Windows 7. Leo says he can try running the Windows 10 ISO directly. Michael says he's tried that, but it didn't work. Now Dell wants him to install a new motherboard. Leo says he should take Windows 8.1 recovery disks and get it back to the day it came from the store with Windows 8.1. Then try and Windows 10 upgrade. It should work after that.

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Watch Joanna from Marina Del Rey, CA Comments

Joanna is going overseas for six months and wants to have a local phone number with local SIM. She wants a dedicated phone with dual SIM cards. Leo says that's a good idea and he recommends the One Plus Two. Right now is a great time to get it because of their Black Friday sales, which means she won't need an invite. She shouldn't buy from a carrier, though, because it'll be locked. She'll want it unlocked.

Microsoft's Lumia 950 is a Windows phone that also has dual SIMs and a great camera, but she'll only have access to a limited number of apps. Joanna should check out this article on the 20 Best Dual SIM smartphones from

Watch Mark from Topeka Canyon, CA Comments

Mark bought one of those 55" 1080p Westinghouse LCD TVs for $250 and he's got huge stripes down the center. Leo says it's broken, that's for sure, and Mark should return it. But Mark says that Target is sold out so he can't exchange it. It could also be a TV that was made specifically for Black Friday or a discontinued item and as such, they may not get any more. Leo says he should get his money back. If he's going to pay for an item, even on Black Friday, it should work correctly.

Watch Peter from Toronto, Canada Comments

Peter wants to get some internet enabled security cameras. Leo likes the Nest (formerly DropCam). Leo recommends checking out the Wirecutter. They have a great roundup of internet enabled security cameras. They like the Nest Cam and the NetGear Arlo. Axis makes excellent professional grade IP cameras.

One of the advantages of Nest is that it records in the cloud and you can go back into time to see what happened on any given date. You have to pay for it, but it's a great feature.

Watch Kimberly from Maui, HI Comments

Kim has a smartTV and she wants to add a wireless keyboard. Leo says most smart TVs support Bluetooth keyboards. Kim also has a non-smart TV in her guest room and it has blue lines running through it until it warms up. Leo says thats due to a poor solder on the panel that has to warm up to connect and conduct properly. It's not worth fixing though. So she should just live with it. Will it break soon? Leo says probably not. It's just an annoyance.

Watch Gary from Buffalo, NY Comments

Gary has a ton of devices attached to his network, including home automation devices. It's called the "Internet of things," where all those devices are accessible to the Internet. But is it secure? Leo says it's possible that his network can be breached through them, but that's theoretical. It hasn't happened yet. More likely, his router will be overwhelmed by all the connections. So it may be time to upgrade it.

Watch Gary from Buffalo, NY Comments

Leo says he can get lipstick sized chargers that contain 3350mAh batteries. Anker makes them for $10, and it charges via USB. It would fully charge it one and a half times. He can get larger ones as well that can charge the phone several times.

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Watch John from Savannah, GA Comments

John bought an iMac in 2011 and lately it's starting to flicker, with half of the screen darker. He called Apple and they suggested clearing the PRAM. Leo says that's one of the magical 'voodoo' techniques in case something got corrupted like a driver or something. Then they had him do a factory reset. But it still is happening. John also heard that the video card may be going out. But more likely, Leo says that the backlit LED screen simply stopped working, and that can happen over time with an LCD. One way to test if it's the video card is to connect an external monitor to it. If it works, then he'll know that the video card is fine and the backlight is out. Is it worth repairing? It comes down to how much it costs to replace and often times it's not.

Watch Erik from Dusseldorf, Germany Comments

Erik is looking for a small device to copy his camera SD cards to and print out pictures while traveling. Leo says it's called a "Photo Wallet" or "Photo Safe." It's essentially a hard drive with an SD card reader attached. Digital Foci is a great one. It's $150 for 500GB. But fewer and fewer are making them now because of the cloud.

Erik also wants to be able to review the images and print them. Leo says the Apple MacBook would be the best choice, but it's not the cheapest. It has a 12" Retina display, and its the thinnest laptop Apple makes. But he'd also need a dongle for connecting his camera. A good Windows option is the HP Stream, which is only $200 and runs Windows 10.

Watch Jeff from Ontario, CA Comments

Jeff bought a Samsung Smart TV and it's connected to FIOS. Sometimes, though, they connect a laptop to it through HDMI. The TV doesn't like it and jumps back to HDMI 1, though. Leo says that is due to CEC or Consumer Electronics Control, which in theory will switch to the active device. In practice, it's sketchy at best. Some ports may be CEC and some may not be. And Samsung may not call it CEC. Jeff will also have to make sure that CEC is enabled. Another issue is a device going into sleep mode and not grabbing the CEC.

Jeff wants a phone that will automatically reply when he's driving. Leo says that the Motorola Moto X has that feature, and Samsung has something called Agent that will.

Watch Chris from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Chris has been chatting online with his parents for years via iChat. Now it doesn't work. Leo says that Apple killed iChat back in OS 10.7. He'll have to use Messages now, which can be a bit confusing. He may have to upgrade to get it to work. Can he go straight OS X El Capitan? Leo says Chris will need to add the app store first. But if it won't download, it may be that his computer isn't compatible. He should still upgrade as far as he can, though.