How smart are hearing aids?

Episode 1240 (12:05)

Greg from California

Greg needs a hearing aid and he wants to know how he can use it with his other devices. Leo says that we've come a long way with hearing aid technology, and now the amplification of the hearing aid changes as you move. Additionally, some hearing aids can be paired via Bluetooth with mobile devices to hear them better. And some can even remember the audio settings of your location, so that when you are out at a restaurant, the hearing settings adjust so you can hear better.

Hearing aids have really become smart devices. Leo suggests checking out out Starkey, Resound, and Bragi. These companies are looking at hearing aides more as wearable computers. Leo advises going to an audiologist, who will not only do a hearing test, but will custom tune the devices to his hearing based on a complex algorithm from his tests.

Whist is an app for Tinnitus which can help train your hearing to ignore the condition.