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Episode 1240 November 22, 2015

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Audience Questions

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Watch Greg from California Comments

Greg needs a hearing aid and he wants to know how he can use it with his other devices. Leo says that we've come a long way with hearing aid technology, and now the amplification of the hearing aid changes as you move. Additionally, some hearing aids can be paired via Bluetooth with mobile devices to hear them better. And some can even remember the audio settings of your location, so that when you are out at a restaurant, the hearing settings adjust so you can hear better.

Hearing aids have really become smart devices. Leo suggests checking out out Starkey, Resound, and Bragi. These companies are looking at hearing aides more as wearable computers. Leo advises going to an audiologist, who will not only do a hearing test, but will custom tune the devices to his hearing based on a complex algorithm from his tests.

Whist is an app for Tinnitus which can help train your hearing to ignore the condition.

Watch Phil from California Comments

Phil is trying to cut back on his electric bill and his friends suggest powering down his technology, including his router and network every day. But his other friends say that could do more harm than good. Leo says that he'll stress the electronics less if he doesn't turn them on and off on a regular basis. He should just leave it alone. He can reboot things once in awhile, but all modern computers and networks are designed to sip power from a low power mode. If he's not using it for a few days or weeks, then it's OK to power them down.

Going solar is also a good thing. But to measure the power is a good idea and there are apps for that. Amazon sells a device call the Kill-A-Watt that will show him on a meter how much power that device uses. That'll give him a great idea of how much he's spending on all of his devices in the long run.

Watch David from Australia Comments

David has a first generation iPad Mini and it won't clear out an old Apple ID, even after doing a reset. Leo says that the new version of iOS requires users to verify the old Apple ID and password to prevent theft of a device and then just wiping it. Leo says one thing that David can try is a DFU reset.

The chatroom says he could try and contact Apple and explain the tale and see if they'll remote clear it. He should try going to as well. Leo understands why Apple has done this, but he thinks it's going too far.

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Watch Dave from Illinois Comments

Dave has an Epson printer and it keeps getting clogged up, prompting him to have to run the cleaning utility, which wastes ink. Leo says that people hardly print anymore and it could be that since Dave doesn't print all that often, that the printer head has dried ink inside it which is causing it to clog. Replacing the head would work, and some people even replace the heads every time they replace the ink cartridge. That's a better way to do it. But if he doesn't print all that much, a laser printer may be a better long term option.

Watch Dave from Illinois Comments

Dave also wants to know why the Nexus 7 slows down so much? Leo recommends doing an update. The latest versions of Android have "trim" which streamlines the RAM, making the tablet run faster. Should he upgrade to the Nexus 9? Leo says no. There are better options out there like the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The Nexus 9 is too expensive and a bit clunky.

Watch Aaron from New York Comments

Aaron is thinking about getting an Amazon Fire Tablet. Leo says it's a great deal for watching movies, reading books, etc. But it's not a pure Android device and he'll be limited to Amazon's app store. Leo recommends getting an Asus tablet for all purpose tablet work. Especially gaming.

Watch Doug from Alabama Comments

Doug does a lot of traveling on the road and he uses a open Wi-Fi hotspots a lot. He's worried about the security of using those hotspots, though. Leo says that using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a good solution, as it burrows a secure tunnel through the hotspot so that all of his data is encrypted. He'd be totally safe and secure. The downside though it that using a VPN will slow him down a lot, and they are a challenge for some to set up. And the reality is, more and more of what he'll be doing online is encrypted anyway. There are some things that he can do to protect himself in the open, such as turning on second factor authentication for his email accounts.

Watch Joey from Laguna beach, CA Comments

Joey inherited an LCD TV and he needs an adapter to plug in from his old coax cable box. Leo says that coax is an analog connector designed largely for over the air antennas, rather than digital, which is what HDMI or DVI is. Leo says it's going to cost Joey more to get a Coax to DVI converter than it would just to get a new cable box. Then he can get an inexpensive HDMI to DVI adapter. He'll also need a separate sound cable. Since Joey also has component, another option is to go from Component to DVI. That's an inexpensive option as well. But then he could end up with sync issues.

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Watch Chris from Miami, FL Comments

Chris liked Apple's iPhoto, but he doesn't care for Photos. Leo says that Apple has tried to fix something that wasn't broken. There are alternatives including Adobe Lightroom, but Chris doesn't want to pay $20 a month to use that. Leo says that there's a lot of good reasons to use Lightroom including being able to sync with his iPad. It's what Apple Photos should be. But for some reason, Apple just doesn't really get cloud based apps like they should. Chris could try PicasaWeb and Google Photos. But Picasa will likely soon be killed by Google as well.

Watch Katie from Long Beach, CA Comments

Katie's brother is going away to college and she wants to give him a tablet as a gift, but she doesn't have a lot of money. Leo says that the Amazon Fire tablet is a solid solution, with prices starting at $50 for a 7" model. It's great for games, Netflix, etc. That's the way to go. But Leo also thinks that there may be better deals on Black Friday.

Watch Gregor from Reseda, CA Comments

Gregor wants a custom email address. Does he need a website for that? Leo says no. He'll just need the domain name. Then he can forward all the mail that comes to his custom domain to any email provider he wants. Leo advises going to and signing up for his domain name there. He can enter what he'd like and it'll make suggestions of available domain names.

Watch Sam from San Diego, CA Comments

Sam can't connect his wife's iPad to his Wi-Fi Network. He tries to input his password, but it says the password isn't correct, even though his other devices use it just fine. Leo says the iPad probably remembered an incorrectly entered password. Sam should go into Settings, and choose "forget this network." This will erase the password so he can reacquire the network and input the correct password. That should solve the issue. Another possible solution is to shut it all the way off, wait a few minutes and turn it back on. This could wipe the RAM and when he turns it on, it might allow him to enter the password correctly.

Watch Robert from New York, NY Comments

Robert wants to buy an SSD to upgrade to Windows 10 instead of using his old hard drive, which runs Windows 8. Leo says that's a good idea. It's far faster. But if he has Windows 8 on there already, he may want to try downloading the Windows 10 ISO and then install it separately. Microsoft will then associate Windows 10 with his computer. He should check out for more information on how to do a clean install of a Windows 10 upgrade.

Watch Bruce from Southern California Comments

Bruce's daughter wants to have a tablet for college to go with her laptop. Is a tablet good for taking notes? Leo says that Microsoft has put out a touch version of Office for the iPad before their own. Leo says that Android tablets work with it as well. But for what his daughter needs it for, Leo recommends the iPad. But the Samsung Galaxy Tab is a great Android tablet as well.

Watch Bruce from Southern California Comments

Bruce also has issues with the login keychain of his MacBook. Leo says that Keychain is great for secure storage, but people often forget their keychain password when they lock it. If he can't remember the password, he can always create a new keychain. Use the same password that he uses to log in. That should unlock it.