Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1239 (1:01:01)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is in studio today and is going to spend the entire second hour with Leo, answering your travel questions! Johnny says to try not to check a bag. When he travels, he tries not to check a bag at all. When you check a bag, you're stuck with your airline. Even a trip of two to three weeks can be managed with a carry on. You can just wash your clothes as you go. All you need to do is google a local laundry mat to find out. Some will even do it for you for less -- like $10 a load.

Leo wants to know how to handle recharging your technology when traveling around the world. Johnny uses a Belkin universal plug which can pretty much plug into anywhere, and has surge protection that protects your devices during a power surge. Johnny also likes it because it has two USB ports so he can plug in multiple devices. Also, bring your own entertainment. Airlines are moving towards roll your own in flight entertainment. But the airlines should provide USB ports for power. You can also download the airline's app for in flight entertainment.

SIM cards in other countries: If you're only going to one country, just buy a local SIM card. Using T-Mobile overseas is the way to go as well. They work everywhere.

What apps does Johnny have on his phone while traveling? Uber, Google Translate, and Waze is good for keeping a cabbie honest, not taking you the long way to where you need to go. Johnny also sometimes takes Motorcycle Taxis, which are great in heavy traffic overseas. SelifeX is a fun new selfie photo app, which uses your best camera and then talks to you so you can aim your camera properly.

If your plane is delayed or cancelled, don't wait for it. Get on the phone. Follow the airlines on Twitter and make a beeline to the lounge or customer service desk. Tweet them or call and get customer service. They keep an eye on their twitter account and they'll respond pretty quickly to help you.