Do I really need to wipe my iPhone to make it work better?

Episode 1239 (49:16)

Seven from Yorba Linda, CA
Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Seven has been having issues with his iPhone and the Apple store says there's a bad app causing the problem, and he should wipe it. When he restores from iCloud, however, that app will come back. Leo says that the Apple Genius isn't being much of one this time. Apple vets all the apps, so it's unlikely the app is the culprit.

If Seven wants to make sure his messages get backed up, eCamm has a third party program called PhoneView that will do that.

Then he can backup his phone to iTunes. Once that's done, he should try a DFU reset. That will do a hard factory reset which will wipe and reinstall the OS. Then, before he restores his backup, he should see if the problem persists. He shouldn't restore his backup yet. If the problem still persists, then Leo says it's a hardware issue. If it stops affecting it, then it could just be a corrupt operating system and now that you've gotten rid of it, you're good to go to restore everything.