Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1239 (2:04:53)

Dick DeBartolo

Visiting SEMA 2015 this week, Dickie D saw a pair of cool gadgets for under $10. The included:

SuperVizor XT - a safety tool designed by a paramedic that enables someone to cut themselves out of a seatbelt after an accident. It fits on your visor above your head, so it's easy to get to. It can also break a window to get out. Available in four colors. $9.99 at Avi's website: statgeartools.com/

The WD-40 Multi Use can has an 8" flexble straw that bends and keeps it's shape. That means it can go around a corner or get into tight crevices. $8. Find out more at WD40.com/EZ

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