Can I get rid of malware by restoring my PC?

Episode 1239 (1:44:10)

Scott from Ventura, CA

Scott wants to know if doing a restore would get rid of any malware that may be on the system after its been compromised. Leo says yes, it will. Those popups are trying to get you to call them and install software. So if he didn't do that, he's probably OK. But if he did, not only will he need to get rid of the malware, but if they charged him, they will now have his credit card information. So he'll not only have to backup his data and erase the hard drive, he'll have to cancel that credit card as well.

Scott wonders if a Chromebook is a better idea. Leo says absolutely. It stores all of the data in the cloud and if something goes wrong, there's a "power wash" option that will erase it and restore it to factory settings. Chrome is incredibly secure as well. Viruses can't alter the OS. Unless he'd need to do something that Chrome OS won't do, A Chromebook is ideal. There's also a desktop Chrome OS solution, called a Chromebox. Another option is a tablet, such as the iPad.