What's a good 4K TV to buy?

Episode 1238 (1:20:52)

John from Aliso Viejo, CA
Samsung SUHD 4K TV

John has a plasma TV that's about 5 years old and now it's getting darker. Leo says that's just the nature of the beast. The plasma gas leaks over time and as it does, the image gets darker. So if he has to replace it, what's the best alternative?

Leo says to look for a 4K TV that has High Dynamic Range as a feature. The first SUHD TVs were from Samsung. Going with HDR and the SUHD standard will future proof him down the line. But Leo recommends waiting six months if he can. The landscape will clear by then, new models will be announced at CES, we'll come to know how well they upscale, and we'll get a clearer idea of how much it'll cost.