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Watch Joe from Van Nuys, CA Comments

Joe's Quicktime movie files were playing sideways on Windows 7. He upgraded to Windows 10 and now it plays properly. Leo says it's likely that the video was shot on a mobile phone in portait mode and the previous version of windows couldn't read the metadata for the accelerometer in the phone. Now, with Windows 10, it can read that data and adjust the image properly. If it happens again, Leo suggests using VLC Media Player to rotate it.

Watch Jay from Rancho Cucamonga, CA Comments

Jay has a website that broadcasts youth sports, but now he wants to create a TV station online -- like ESPN for youth sports. Leo says that is a great idea and something he knows a little about. It's also the future of broadcasting. Leo says that there are a few sites that do this, and Universities are also taking hold of the idea. Jay can get started for free on UStream. That way they can handle the scaling up of bandwidth when more people get wind of the service. Having a "content distribution network" that can move the traffic to local area servers for it would be even better. Akamai is one.

Watch Sarafine from Studio City, CA Comments

Sarafine has a Samsung TV that keeps adding channels that she doesn't want, causing her to delete them manually. Leo says that's Samsung. Their software is terrible and it's likely that it's automatically adding them in an attempt to be smart. She can probably go into the TV settings and disable those automatic settings. But Leo says it'll be tedious because the settings aren't very user friendly. She should look for "autoscan" or "autoupdate". It she can't find that, she may be stuck.

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Watch Romano from New Jersey Comments

When Romano turns on his laptop, he can't see anything. The screen is black. Leo says that if Romano can still barely see an image, that means that the backlight has burned out. Older laptops used a florescent backlight and they can die over time. The down side is that by the time it burns out, the laptop is usually so old that it's not worth spending the money to fix. But Romano's laptop is only three years old. If it's not the backlight, it could be the inverter. One place to look for fixing stuff is But Leo recommends not putting too much money into it.

The chatroom says that there's a fuse in the motherboard that probably burned out.

(Disclaimer: iFixIt is a sponsor)

Watch Jonathan from Knoxville, TN Comments

Jonathan's external Blu-ray burner for his laptop has just died. Are there any good external Blu-ray burners for Mac? Leo says that just about any Blu-ray burner would work, if he could find software to drive it. Apple doesn't sell one because they don't want to support Blu-Ray burners due to privacy issues.

MCE is a good brand. Jonathan should check out for the best one for his model.

Watch Luca from Vancouver, BC Comments

Luca wants to know which cell carrier would be good for a trip through Eastern Europe. Leo says that the EU will require free roaming across borders in all the EU states by 2017, but until then, it's a mixed bag. Dueche Telecom probably supports it.

Here's a good resource: It will tell him all the carriers that support service in the countries he's traveling to. He should buy a SIM for the country he's visiting.

Watch John from Aliso Viejo, CA Comments

John has a plasma TV that's about 5 years old and now it's getting darker. Leo says that's just the nature of the beast. The plasma gas leaks over time and as it does, the image gets darker. So if he has to replace it, what's the best alternative?

Leo says to look for a 4K TV that has High Dynamic Range as a feature. The first SUHD TVs were from Samsung. Going with HDR and the SUHD standard will future proof him down the line. But Leo recommends waiting six months if he can. The landscape will clear by then, new models will be announced at CES, we'll come to know how well they upscale, and we'll get a clearer idea of how much it'll cost.

Watch Blue from Vista, CA Comments

Blue became an official Apple developer to test the prerelease software on his iMac of El Capitan. Then he did a clean install of El Capitan once it went live and now he's having issues with his FaceTime camera. He's reset the PRAM, done a full restore, the works. He even tried to kill the VCD Assistant, which worked briefly. Leo says that the Facetime camera may have been take over. Here's an Apple discussion thread on how to solve it.

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Watch Kenny from Texas Comments

Kenny makes his own ringtones and wants to know how to quickly review each one. Leo says that iTunes will play them. He can also add them to his phone and run through them that way. He can use the search function on his PC to play them with any audio software like WinAmp. He can also search for them all and just play them one after another. VLC and Quicktime will both be able to play the files. Anything that can play back an M4R file will work.

Watch Alan from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Alan is looking for a new laptop. He wants to transcode video with it. What specs should he look for? A faster processor, more cores, more RAM, and even a faster hard drive will all make a difference.

Will Final Cut ever come to windows? Leo says no. Apple will never make a PC version of their premium software. Leo also recommends using Adobe Premiere since it's a PC. He should get an i7 with multi-threading and a four core processor. Or, he could go with a higher Xeon server processor, which is what Leo's staff has. It comes down to how much he wants to spend. 16GB of RAM is good, 32GB is even better. An SSD will also help greatly.

Watch Carol from Manhattan Beach, CA Comments

Carol wants a bronze gold Samsung Galaxy Note IV but they're only sold in Europe. Will it work in the US? Leo says it will with T-Mobile. She should check out and make sure it's carrier unlocked. She'll also want to be sure that all US frequencies are supported. It may not support LTE. But Leo gets his phones from Expansys. They'll tell you if it supports all the frequencies in the US.

Watch Chris from Pasadena, CA Comments

Chris is using a Toshiba laptop to run slideshows with a projector. But recently, a wallpaper background took over the screen. Leo says that the laptop may be set to extend the screen, not mirror it. Set the screen to "mirror." That should solve it. There also may be a setting in PowerPoint that will do that.

Watch Emilio from Texas Comments

Emilio is blind and uses Evernote to save his notebook and data. But recent changes have made it nearly impossible to use with his screen reading program. Leo says that Evernote's changes are very concerning and they've been ignoring accessibility since the very beginning.

Watch Phil from Anaheim, CA Comments

Phil would like to watch TV with wireless headphones so he doesn't disturb the rest of his family late at night. Leo says to look for a good Bluetooth headset that uses A2DP or AptX. USA Today recently came up with a whole list of options at

Another good place to look is at Beyer Dynamics and Sony both make great wireless headphones.

Watch Steve from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Steve was robbed recently and they got ahold of his laptop. Even though it's password protected, can they get his personal data? Leo says absolutely. A password is only to keep someone out who walks by. But if they have time, they can use password crackers to brute force the password free. That's really the most serious issue -- if he has any banking information and passwords on it. But considering that the theives may have been homeless, Leo hopes that they likely won't have the tools to take advantage of it.

Watch Mike from Vista, CA Comments

Mike is a service technician and wants to get a tablet to load up his service manuals with. Leo says that any tablet will do it. He can store the PDFs in the iBook reader and he'll be good to go. If Mike is running out of space, then getting a larger 128GB tablet may be the way to go. Also, a Kindle Fire may be good. They're cheap too. Scaling may be an issue, though. But the Kindle is a great solution. Mike can put all of his manuals in the cloud, like Google Drive, and he'll be able to access them from there.