How can I restore my desktop settings after remote access?

Episode 1237 (50:37)

Ian from Lakeview Terrace, CA

Ian installed Splashtop remote desktop to his PC so he could control it from his iPad. But now the icons are all spread out in a weird way. Leo says that's a resolution issue between his iPad and the desktop. It doesn't remember his layout, and it'll change it back and forth rather than present it as he set it up. Leo suggests going into the Windows Display settings and changing the resolution to a proper setting for both. But in Windows 10, there's actually two display menus, one for touch screen, the other for the laptop. So Ian should press Windows Key+P and that'll get him into the right menu. He can then go into the advanced settings and he'll be able to use the right settings. Putting it into tablet mode will also freak it out. But it's likely that Splashtop installed it's own video driver, which is not uncommon. He can uninstall the device driver and let Windows reinstall it. He can also update the display drivers. If he boots into safe mode, he can then remove the Splashtop driver.

The chatroom says that Splashtop has a removal tool, so it would be a good idea to download and run that to get rid of anything left behind.