First Impressions of Apple's iPad Pro

Episode 1237 (02:47)

Leo picked up the iPad Pro yesterday, and serendipitously, the Apple store was out of the iPad keyboard. So he picked up the Logitech Create keyboard and he likes it far better. Leo likes it because it has dedicated iOS keys, a backlit keyboard, and doesn't need to be charged because it magnetically connects to the iPad's power. But he's not really sure you're going to want it because it makes the iPad Pro 3 pounds! Leo wonders why Apple didn't just make the MacBook Pro a touch screen. But if you want the ability to turn your tablet into a 13" laptop, this is definitely the way to go.

It's very fast, but did it need to be? Having used it, Leo admits he just doesn't get it. Interesting? Yes. But Apple says that this proves the PC is dead, Leo disagrees. It's not going to replace laptops for most people. Leo also thinks that the iPad Pro won't really come into it's own until the Apple Pencil comes out next month and that more apps come online to use it. It's probably going to be ideal for artists, but Leo wonders why Apple didn't just wait until the Pencil was ready.And you'll definitely want to get the larger 128GB model. The 32GB model is pointless.