Why isn't my keyboard working?

Episode 1236 (1:24:07)

Tim from San Diego, CA

Tim has an old Toshiba Satellite laptop and the keys on the keyboard have stopped working and it's spreading. If he upgrades to Windows 10, will that fix it? Leo says it could be a physical flaw. He should try plugging in a wired keyboard. If it's software, the keys won't work. If they do, then he'll know it's a hardware issue with that keyboard.

Another option is to simply restore the OS. If it works, then it was software. If he doesn't have the recovery discs, he can get Ubuntu online and install it to a USB key. Then he can run it from the USB key and try the keyboard there. He may be able to install Windows 10, but it's more likely that WIndows 7 would work better. With an old laptop, it could be hardware incompatible.