What's a good mobile phone for a senior citizen?

Episode 1236 (20:13)

Kenny from Monrovia, CA

Kenny is in his 80s and he just bought his first computer, a MacBook Pro. He says the Mail app for Mac has been far too complicated for him. Leo says once he gets the email set up properly, it shouldn't be an issue from there on out. Once he has it configured right, then he can move on to managing email.

Kenny is looking to replace his old Tracfone with either an LG Optimus Fuel, Alcatel A205G, or ZTE Valet Android phone. Will any of those work? Leo says sure. LG makes a good phone. It isn't modern, but he can still use it as a phone. However, an older Android phone like the Optimus won't be getting newer updates unless he roots it, and Kenny isn't going to want to do that. But Leo says that for Kenny, a simpler feature phone like a Cricket may be a better option, and it won't have security issues.

Leo also says that Kenny should go into T-Mobile and ask for an older iPhone 5S with a basic $30 a month plan. They're way more secure, easy to sync contacts with a computer, and easier to use. Leo also says that a 6s Plus may cost a bit more, but it would be easier to use.