Should I buy phone insurance?

Episode 1236 (1:12:47)

Ed from San Diego, CA

Ed says he likes mobile phones, but they're slippery and he's worried about breaking them. He doesn't know what phone insurance program to buy. Leo says that the devil is in the details. There's usually a deductible and a limited number of times he'd be able to use it. Leo advises adding the deductible to the cost of the insurance and see if it's worth investing from that perspective.

A good strong case will help, but that doesn't prevent broken glass unless he would get a case with a screen cover. He should also just consider the cost of repairing a broken screen. If the screen is what breaks most of the time and not the phone, it may be cheaper just to pay to replace the screen himself. But he should remember that these insurance policies make money for the insurer, not the insuree.