Why is the audio cutting out on only some AT&T Uverse channels?

Episode 1235 (32:38)

Brent from Eastvale, CA

Brent has AT&T Uverse with the HD package, and on live programming such as football games and TV shows, the sound will cut out from time to time. He doesn't have the same issue watching movie channels, however. He has a Denon surround system that's only a couple years old. Scott thinks if it's only happening on certain channels, it would lead him to believe this is an issue on AT&T's end and not his. Scott suggests calling AT&T to report this to them.

Bob the cable guy called in to suggest that since Brent has a DVR, he should try recording the channel that has the audio dropouts. If he's able to play it back with the cutouts, then chances are its coming from the provider.