What's a good affordable bluetooth speaker?

Episode 1235 (1:09:17)

Marsha from Mission Viejo, CA
Logitech UE Mini Boom

Marsha is looking for a great bluetooth speaker. Scott has been looking at the BenQ Electrostatic Speaker of late and it's pretty cool. The low frequencies are handled by the main body, but the swing out speakers handle the electrostatic design. They're about $300.

The RIVA Turbo sounds really great. The FuGoo is great, but it's still around $300.

If Marsha wants to go cheaper, she'll get what she pays for. Scott doesn't recommend Bose, even though they're marketed greatly. Their noise canceling headphones are great, however.

The Chatroom says the Logitech UE Mini Boom is good for under $100. The Wirecutter recommends that.

Amazon Basics BTV1 is $50.

Denon's DSB200 Nvia $200.

The FuGoo Tough is $165 and it's incredible.