What's better: OLED or 4K?

Episode 1235 (44:59)

David from Palm Beach, FL
LG Electronics 55EG9100 55-Inch 1080p Curved Smart OLED TV

Dave is looking for a new TV and he can't decide between 4K and OLED. Scott says that LG makes 4K OLEDs. They're not cheap, but he doesn't have to choose if he can afford $3k-5k. There are 1080p OLEDs, the 55" EG9100 is $2,000. That's closer to what "mere mortals can afford."

There's nothing better than OLED. Scott's 1080p OLED TVs are curved though, and he's not a fan of the curved design. But OLEDs are the best design since HD.