How can I set up Wi-Fi in my car?

Episode 1234 (52:47)

Joe from Maryland

Joe and his wife are going on a long cross country trip and they want to put Wi-Fi in their car. How can they do it? Leo says that the MiFi is a great option because it connects to 4G/LTE and would allows them to connect up to 6 different devices at once. The trick is to go with the wireless company that has the best coverage where traveling. That's likely going to be Verizon.

But Leo says that the KarmaGo is a good device that works much like the MiFi, but it uses Sprint in a 'pay as you go' pricing scheme. Joe and his wife will only pay for the data they use. It costs about $10-15 per gig depending on how much they buy. It works with just Sprint though, which may not work best where Joe is going. Walmart's Straight Talk network can also work.