How can I extend the range of my video signal?

Episode 1234 (1:42:12)

Steve from Chino Hills, CA

Steve has a Security Camera DVR and he's used a splitter to watch it in several rooms using a balun, but he keeps losing the signal. Leo says that HDMI doesn't throw very far, and using a balun amplifies the signal and sends it over ethernet to the other side. The distance is still limited to around 200' and it could be that he's at the extreme edge of the range. Steve could go RF. The chat room says that using Cat6 Ethernet cables could make it that far, and at he could get an extender kit to around 328 feet.

What's Leo's favorite Android phone? Leo's waiting to see what the Nexus 6P will be like, but currently his favorite is the Samsung Galaxy Note V. The Galaxy S6 Edge is cool as well. LG's V10 is super tough, but he doesn't like their overlay software because it slows it down. Leo says that the biggest issue is battery life and he doesn't like that he can't get through the day with an Android device. There's also only a few models that allow for swapping batteries.